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About World in Conversation Project

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The World in Conversation Project began at Penn State in 2002. Under the leadership of Drs. Sam Richards and Laurie Mulvey, a small group of committed students worked to create a kind of dialogue that would invite the unexamined, sometimes politically incorrect thoughts of participants into the room.

Our conversations about social and cultural issues stand apart from others in that our facilitators don’t tell participants what to think. On the contrary, in the process of employing the Socratic Method, they work toward to create an “ideologically neutral” environment. This approach allows participants to express what they think they believe, so that they can examine what they actually believe. In the first year, the Project sponsored 140 ninety-minute dialogues. Nine years later, we are sponsoring 1,300 of these dialogues every year.

Clearly we are on to something because less than four percent of participants leave our programs thinking that the experience was “not worthwhile.”

For more information: www.worldinconversation.org