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Who can visit the Trail?
The trail is open to any interested individuals or groups.  Groups must prearrange a visit, but individuals are welcome anytime the Trail is open.
When is the Trail open?
The trail officially opened on September 1, 2000.  It is open to visitors anytime during daylight hours.
Where is Penn State New Kensington?
The campus is located on Route 780 in Upper Burrell, PA.  Detailed instructions on finding us are located on the campus Web site at
How do I find the Trail Entrance?
The entrance to the trail is behind the Athletics Center. Here is a link to a campus map -
How do I arrange a group visit?
You can arrange a visit by calling Dr. William Hamilton at 724-334-6717  or email him at to discuss your plans.
We will need to know the size of your group, any physical limitations of members of your group,  the date you would like to visit, whether you would like a guide to accompany your group and any topics your group is especially interested in.
What materials are available to accompany my visit?
We encourage you to select and print pages from this website to accompany your visit, including the Trail Map, Arboretum Brochure and Arboretum Map.
I have other questions.  Who should I contact?
Other questions about the Trail should be directed to Dr. William Hamilton. You can reach him (or leave a message) by phone at 724-334-6717 or by email at

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