Troubleshooting Through Post-Grad Life


Editor's Note: This is the second in a series called "Where Are They Now?" Follow along as alumnus Teron Meyers tracks down Penn State Brandywine alumni and chronicles their quests for stable careers in a challenging job market. Meyers graduated in 2010 with a degree in communications and is working at a pharmacy as he seeks a stable career of his own. 

For most college graduates, that long-awaited day when they confidently walk onto the stage in the Penn State Brandywine Gymnasium to receive their degrees brings much joy. Now, at the pinnacle of their academic careers, many new graduates are asking, "What's next?" 

Having graduated at the peak of a recession, Paul Hurych '08 IST had concerns as an up-and-coming professional. But this tech-savvy grad emerged with few kinks to show.

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Hurych began his college career in the fall of 2004 when the campus was still known as Penn State Delaware County. Throughout the next four years he was an active member in various organizations: vice president of the Information Science and Technology (IST) Club and president of the Student Government Association (SGA). He also was a Jane E. Cooper Honors scholar and graduated with high honors.

Having a strong fascination with computers and technology, Hurych was naturally drawn to his major. 

For two years after graduation, he worked as a software developer for McBee Associates in Wayne, before taking his current position at Akcelerant Software, in Malvern -- a move he hopes will help him in the future.

Although his road to a stable career has had few bumps, Hurych did face a few challenges. He remembers that very few companies were hiring when he began his job search. Just getting his foot in the door for an interview proved to be difficult, but not impossible.

"I was one of the lucky members of my graduating class. I had a job lined up for me after I walked," he said. And a little advice: "With the job market being as tight as it is, having a referral for a position will give you a definite advantage over other applicants."

In addition to his work, Hurych is still very much involved at his alma mater. With a knack for leadership, he presently serves as the vice president of the Penn State Brandywine Alumni Society. 

He said the best piece of advice he can give to recent and soon-to-be graduates is to use the large network of Penn State alumni for assistance. He attributes receiving an internship, as well as his current position, to the help of Penn Staters.

Hurych hopes to continue his career in software development, with aspirations of project management down the line. A master's degree in software engineering is on the list, too. Full of Penn State spirit, Hurych knows one thing for sure; he will always stay connected with the Brandywine Alumni Society.

by Teron Meyers '10 Com

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