Welcome to STMA’s on-line training course, Introduction to Turfgrass Science. 

This self-paced training provides continuing education opportunities for anyone who manages sports fields or has not been formally educated in turfgrass science.  Work through the course individually or use it as an entire crew training session.  Completing the course will build a solid foundation in the science and practices of turfgrass management so students can successfully care for a turfgrass surface.  The curriculum appeals to various learning styles including visual, auditory, and hands-on through the use of interactive activities, self assessment quizzes, videos, critical thinking exercises, and high quality photos, diagrams, and illustrations. 

The course is set up to provide basic knowledge in the core areas of turfgrass science.  The curriculum offers comprehensive training in 5 Units:

Unit 1 – Introduction to Turfgrass Science
Students will learn about the economic, environmental, and community benefits turfgrass surfaces provide.  Students will also learn about the various careers available in the green industry.

Unit 2 – Turfgrass Growth & Development, Anatomy, and Identification
Students will learn about turfgrass germination and growth.  They will also learn about different anatomical features and how to use those features to identify turfgrass plants.  Adaptations and use of turfgrass species is also covered.

Unit 3 – Turfgrass Soils
Students will learn about the importance of soil properties in a turfgrass system.  Soil texture, compaction, and drainage and how they influence turfgrass health is the focus.

Unit 4 – Turfgrass Cultural Practices
Students will learn about the cultural practices essential for maintaining healthy turfgrass.  Mowing, fertility, irrigation, aeration and topdressing, and integrated pest management are discussed in detail.

Unit 5 – Turfgrass Establishment
The final unit utilizes all of the information presented in the course to give students a broader picture of the requirements to manage turfgrass from start to finish.  Successful establishment cannot take place without a firm understanding of turfgrass species and adaptations, soil requirements, and essential cultural practices. 

Upon successfuly completing this course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion you can print out to show your employer.

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If you experience any problems or have any difficulties throughout the course, please contact Kristen Althouse at kalthouse@stma.org.